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Welcome to Bajwa EnviroConsult

About Our

The team at Bajwa EnviroConsult offers a broad range of experience in the environmental sector. 


Our solutions will be tailored to you. We pride ourselves on preparing credible audit reports and delivering innovative advisory services. 


By choosing Bajwa EnviroConsult, you will receive a personalised and responsive service. 

Safety, Environment & Quality

Our safety, environment and quality policies have been developed in accordance with ISO standards. These policies outline Bajwa EnviroConsult’s overall commitments to worker health and safety, protection of the environment, and the efficient, cost-effective and timely delivery of projects to our clients. 


Bajwa EnviroConsult commits to deliver all works in accordance with the objectives and commitments outlined in these policies. 

Our Services

Bajwa EnviroConsult offers a broad range of environmental consulting and advisory services. We specialise in environmental compliance, waste management and land contamination and remediation

Our Clients

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